Monday, June 1, 2009

Hometown Crawfordsville Farmers Market

Crawfordsville, Arkansas, population 606, now has a farmers market on Main Street. The community organization, Hometown Crawfordsville, planned the market as part of their revitalization program. Crawfordsville, like many town across the Arkansas Delta, has been in economic decline for several decades as a result of changes in agricultural practices. The towns have seen both a loss of local commerce as well as a loss of population. The farmers market is designed to be an outlet for local farmers to sell their goods. It also provides the citizens with wholesome foods, social interactions, and educational opportunities. This farmers market, the first such market in the Crittenden County, follows two successful fall festivals held by Hometown Crawfordsville.

The farmers market offers fruits and vegetables which are often fresher than those available in grocery stores. The growers also like to bring in a great variety of produce. Pictured are Karen Tims and her daughter, Nicole, from Tims Family Farm of Ripley, Tennessee. They are holding purple cauliflower that Robert and Karen Tims grew and brought to market. Other vendors at the market bring in prepared foods like jams and jellies, baked goods like cakes, pies, and breads. Peace Bee Farm takes honey and products made from the bee hive to the market. Artisans produce products from wood, pottery, and metal for the market. The farmers market is being well received. Everyone is waiting for those famous Ripley tomatoes to come in. It’s great to see a town attract a crowd larger than its population for a farmers market.

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