Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Endless Feast

The Endless Feast is an attempt to showcase locally grown foods and the farmers that produce them. The Endless Feast promotes family farms, organic farms, sustainable agriculture, healthful eating, nutrition, and appreciation of the efforts required to bring food to the table. The Endless Feast shows how the food is produced by visiting the farms where the ingredients are grown, interviewing the farmers, and watching them go about their daily farming endeavors. After being introduced to the farms and the farmers, a group of one hundred is served a gourmet sit-down dinner served outdoors at one of the farms. The Endless Feast is preparing a meal to be served at Whitton Farms, the flower and produce farm owned by Jill and Keith Forrester. Chef Lisa Godsey of Godsey’s in Jonesboro, Arkansas is preparing the meal from foods produced locally in the Arkansas Delta. Peace Bee Farm will be supplying late summer cotton and wildflower honey to be used in a pumpkin soup.

In the photo, I am being interviewed at Peace Bee Farm by New York wellness instructor, Ebeth Johnson, for an upcoming segment of Endless Feast, which will be broadcast on PBS. The film crew is from Film Garden Entertainment of Van Nuys, California. Rita Underhill and Jill Forrester are on the left, both wearing red vests. I showed our guests around one of our bee yards. Today’s sunny skies and pleasant weather, a break from days of rain, brought the bees out of the hives and allowed us to move in for a close look. Next, we went into the honey house to see how we extract the honey. Jill and Ebeth got to taste some comb honey from our bee hives that are located at Jill’s Whitton, Arkansas farm. Jill was delighted that the honey tasted as great as the appearance of her flowers that supplied nectar that the bees used to produce this honey. Ebeth wanted some hot biscuits to go with her Delta honey. You can find her at


  1. I LOVE This show.. is there anyway anyone can email me or post recipe for Chef Godsey's pumpkin soup, I believe it had time & sage in it... YUM!! Want to make it this week. thank you, Marlene

  2. Marlene,
    The pumpkin soup was prepared by Godsey's Grill of Jonesboro, Arkansas. You may contact them at I enjoyed the soup myself.

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