Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home School at the Bees' Home

A group of home school students and their parents and leaders visited the bee farm today. They came out equipped with digital cameras and inquisitive minds. The group is posed in our queen evaluation yard. I explained to these students that whenever I go into this bee yard, I carry a clip board and each colony receives a “report card.” Bad behavior gets bees “expelled.” From the colonies that score the highest on traits involving bee behavior, health, and honey production, we will raise new queens. The children had many questions about how the queen bee produces the eggs to propagate the entire colony. From their home school science studies the group came in with a good background on the nature of insects, the role of pollinators, and the relationship between humans, the flowering plants, the pollinating insects, and the environment. The group also visited the honey house and the queen mating yard. It is almost impossible to fill up a digital camera or an inquisitive mind.


  1. We had such a great time. Thanks for letting us come and sharing your knowledge with us. I just posted about our visit on my blog as well. I can't wait to have time to come back here and read more about your bees!


  2. Richard,

    We had a wonderful time on our field trip! A topic is so much fun when the person is so passionate about their topic and you definitely were (as was your son)! Thanks for all the information you shared with us...it was all very interesting! We are going to have a unit study here at our house on bees, thanks to you! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I took several pics from our field trip there and have plans to upload them to my blog later this weekend. Thanks again for a wonderful day with our group!

    Have a great weekend,