Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Francis Moore: A Beekeeping Legacy

Beekeeping is both a science and an art. We may learn the science of beekeeping by attending schools and seminars, reading the books and journals, and staying tuned into the latest scientific research. The art of beekeeping is often passed along by those who have tended bees in the past. These individuals often based their knowledge of beekeeping upon trial and error and years of careful observation of the bees. Today’s beekeepers have been given much by these generous beekeepers who shared the bees’ secrets that they gleaned over many seasons. One of those beekeepers is Francis Moore of Anderson County, Tennessee. Francis relates keeping bees from the 1920s and 1930s at

Today’s photo is kale, in the mustard family. Kale, cooked as a green and flavored with a piece of pork fat, is a delicacy and a staple in the Delta. Pollinated by honeybees, it is producing seed for next year’s crop.

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