Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Memphis Flyer

When the Memphis Flyer started 21 years ago as a weekly newspaper, they warned the public to “buckle up.” Few start-up newspapers prove to be as long-lived and sought after as the Flyer. Their success seems to be their astute political reporting and keen sense of the pulse of the city. This week’s issue, number 1143, is devoted to “young movers and shakers who will forge Memphis’ future.” Our good friend, Mary Phillips, flies from the cover of the Flyer in blue denim “hog washers” and gum boots, an urban farmer ready to spring into action. Mary worked with Peace Bee Farm to gain experience in beekeeping while she was completing her college studies in sustainable agriculture. Now she manages a vegetable farm in the center of the city. She can be found in Memphis’ Binghamton neighborhood preparing soil, planting seed, tilling, and harvesting vegetables. A farmers market will open in Binghamton in the spring. Other days Mary may be found conducting farm tours for children learning about the source of food. Today, I assisted her assemble bee hives for the urban farm. Mary is helping plan the first Farm to Table Conference for Mid-South Producers, an event planned to bring farmers together to share ideas and build farm marketing strategies. At 23 years of age, Mary will be one of those teaching farmers methods of using social media.

Another of Memphis’ energetic young leaders featured in the Flyer is Kat Gordon, the owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop. Kat learned to bake cup cakes from her grandmother, nicknamed Muddy. Memphians eagerly line up for Muddy’s cup cakes deeply covered with frosting of real butter. Kat often serves her cup cakes wearing a bright red wig and dressed as Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. Read the complete Memphis Flyer article at Peace Bee Farm is proud that Kat offers our honey at Muddy’s Bake Shop. The Flyer describes these under-30s as “intensely creative and highly engaging.” We agree.

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